Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I read an article today about food marketing/advertising and it was SHOCKING! Now, let me just preface this article by saying that it likens the food industry with the pornography industry but only in example. It talks about the glamorization and perhaps the sexualization of eating and cooking. It was a very interesting and enlightening article about how camera operators and photographers use very visual close-ups, flattering angles and pretty lighting to get the perfect "shot".

Anywho, here's the article as it appears on Etsy's blog.

It got me to thinking about recipe books and even online recipes sites. How much more likely are we to try a recipe if it includes a picture? If the recipe is text-only, is it as appealing?

For example, take this recipe for a cheesecake from Allrecipes. com.

Pretty good, right? But not sure if I'd try it.

How about if this was added to it?? (which is the actual recipe picture)

How much MORE appetizing does it seem? I have a little journal in which I write down all of the recipes that I have created, heard of or borrowed from others and liked. But, it's just my handwriting in a book. It might be worth it to start snapping some pictures of these as I make them and putting them in there so that the next time I go to cook, I'll make my selection based on picture and not on my handwriting. :)


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  1. I will never buy a cookbook that doesn't include pictures for each item. I've made that mistake and I never use it. I just can't get interested in making something without a picture.


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