Friday, January 14, 2011

splurge vs. steal 2

I'm the queen of cheap. (for the most part) I will not, and I mean WILL NOT pay over $50 for a pair of non-athletic shoes. Chalk it up to being especially hard on shoes, chalk it up to being frugal, or chalk it up to being my father's daughter. Eh.

For those of you who share my sentiments, here are a few "splurges" followed by their frighteningly-similar-yet-drastically-cheaper alternatives known as "steals".

 Splurge: Aldo $64.00 & Steal: Christian Siriano for Payless $29.99

 Splurge: Christian Louboutin $495.00 & Steal: American Eagle by Payless $19.99
 Splurge: Vigotti $71.20 & Steal: Payless $24.99
Splurge: Nine West $60.25 & Steal: Lela Rose for Payless $29.99
*By no means do I actually endorse stealing shoes. But, compared to the prices you would be paying, it could be considered stealing!


  1. I'm sorry... was that first pair of flats really almost $500??? I cannot comprehend such things.

  2. I agree. Christian Louboutin is an very upscale designer. I cannot comprehend such things either.


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