Monday, January 3, 2011

resolving to resolute

I don't really like New Year's Resolutions, but I feel the need to establish some goals for this year. Inspired by a few of the New Year's posts in some of the blogs I follow, I decided to post some goals I'd like to accomplish. I'm not resolving to do something EVERY day or completely get rid of something from my life because I don't think that is realistic, so instead, I'm posting my goals and some other things I'd like to incorporate more into my life in 2011.

1. Make it a habit to wear more of the clothes in my closet and purge the clothes that I haven't worn in a year. I did this a few times this past year, but I've realized that I hang on to clothes for sentimental reasons too. Plus, the more I purge, the more room I have for new stuff. ;)

2. Be more diligent about exercising. It's important to me and my health and it just makes me feel better when I do it.

3. Save more money. So far, I've been pretty successful at saving almost everything I make from my (2nd) part-time job and using my full-time job to pay the bills. I want to continue to do that and watch my savings account grow!

4. Be more creative. Whether it's being more diligent about blogging, using my sewing machine, doing more crafts or trying new recipes, I want my life to exude more creativity. I can't wait.

What are some of your goals for this year?


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