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Monday, January 16, 2012

monday space

 Who wouldn't want a pink couch in their room? Okay, okay, I realize not everyone does...heck, I would never consider a pink couch in my house...well, before I saw these photos, of course.
When I saw this room and how the pink couch is accented with black, white, smoky blue and chrome, it really makes me consider it.

Seriously. See for yourself...

Found here.

What do you think? I lurve it!


  1. A pink couch? No way. Then I saw your photos and girl, you are so RIGHT. That pink couch is rocking that room. Maybe one day I'll get a pink couch. Hmmmmm We'll see. Thanks for the inspiration. (I'm going to the dentist. ON MY DAY OFF!!)


  2. Pink is really starting to grow on me for an accent color. So chic and feminine.


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