Thursday, January 5, 2012

wildcard thursday: photography

Lately, I've totally become reacquainted with my love of being behind the camera. I had some friends come in town a few weeks ago and I got a chance to take some photos of them. I really enjoyed taking their photos as well as a few scenic/landscape-y shots.

I think part of my fascination with being a photographer is the fact that I can usually control the shot and what's inside the frame of the lens. However, more often than not the "stellar" shots that I take turn out to be...not so stellar and the mistake or quick shots I take, turn out to be my favorites. Hello. That will teach, won't it? What I try to control doesn't seem so cool after all and the stuff I can't control or that happens by mistake turns out better than the other. Dang. Preach it.

So, now that I've expounded upon the Tao of April's Photography, here are a few of my favorite shots that I took over the weekend.


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