Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wednesday wardrobe: curvy lady jean tips

Well, I know my guy readers are just going to LOVE this post.

Anywho, I, like every other woman in America, have problems finding jeans that fit well and look good.  Over the years I have collected some tips for finding jeans that fit and flatter. Today, I will share them with y'all. I'm focusing specifically today on jeans that flatter the curvy lay-days. ;)

curvy lady jean tips

Tip #1: Leave the distressed jeans for the teens. Holes, rips, acid spots and extreme fading are not chic or flattering. I especially despise the jeans that have huge faded areas ON THE FRONT OF THE THIGHS. Like I WANT to draw attention there. Heh.

Tip #2: Stick to a mid or high rise. (Rise is defined by the measurement between the crotch of the jeans and the top of the waistband.) Any rise that is less than 8 inches will give you, the....muffin top. Ugh.

Tip#3: Avoid major whiskering. Whiskers on the jeans are the lighter "crease" marks that are near the hip/thigh portion of the jean. It's hard to find jeans that DON'T have these nowadays, so chances are, your jeans will have them. The best thing to do is to try and get a pair that have whiskering that isn't so noticeable...or placed all over.

Tip#4: Light washes aren't THAT great. Think about it...lighter colors emphasize and make things look larger. Dark colors make things look smaller. Let that mentality apply to your jeans. Stick to medium stonewash or darker rinses.

Tip#5: Jean style preferences can vary. I, myself, have some bootcut jeans, some trouser jeans, some flares and a pair of wide leg jeans. However, the most universally flattering styles of jeans are bootcut and trouser jeans. Trouser jeans fit like, well like trousers. They have a fit that hangs straight down from the hips with a bit of a flare at the end. Bootcut jeans are also straight fit with a slight flare at the bottom to balance out wider hips. They fit a little slimmer than trouser jeans and the "flare" at the bottom isn't quite as pronounced.

Well, those are my jeans tips for today's Wednesday Wardrobe post. Happy Wednesday!


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