Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Q & A

Me. Straight up. Well...maybe with a little teeth whitening in photoshop. ;)

I'm a pretty private person, normally. Actually, it's kind of not normal. But that's another post for another day.

But, for some reason, the "privacy" of The Internets (yes, I added an "s" to it...just go with it) makes me just want to spill my guts.

Though I normally don't do these types of Q & As, but when my girl Kelly tagged me and I read it, I figured I'd give it a try because this one, unlike many of the other ones I see doesn't have rules for you to tag 197 people, do 3 jumping jacks, comment and tweet your answers while standing on one leg.

Okay, maybe I'm over exaggerating...but y'all know those quiz things I'm talking about.

But, I'm gonna put my own spin on it. Because, that's how I roll. So, I won't be bothering y'all with the 11 facts about me part because, quite frankly I just don't want to lose any readers when I regale the saga that is my exciting and adventurous life. </sarcasm>

The Rules:
1. Every tagged person must tell 11 things about themselves. (Yeah...I won't be doing this.)
2. Answer the 11 questions that the person who tagged you asked.
3. Ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs that you are going to tag.
4. Mention the blog that tagged you but don't tag back.

My Questions From Kelly:
1. If you could only DVR one show, what would it be? The Office
2. What is your favorite movie and book? This is REALLY hard. I just...I can't. I can't pick one. Well, okay, I can. My favorite movie is Reign Over Me and my favorite book (other than the Bible...) is Pride and Prejudice.
3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Bora Bora.
4. Christian Grey, Edward Cullen, or Mr. Darcy? Defend your answer ;-). Okay, this one is pretty easy. I haven't read the book, so no Mr. Grey. I'm a hardcore Team Jacobite, so no Mr. Cullen. I'd definitely pick Mr. Darcy if I had to choose from these three. Why? 1) Darcy is human...unlike Edward. 2) Darcy is normal, unlike Grey. 3) Darcy is filthy rich. (call me shallow!?!) Though I don't particularly care for brooding men, I'll take dark and brooding over weird with a complex and non-human/cold ANY DAY!
5. Rice pudding or tapioca? Um...neither. There is no chocolate in either of those things.
6. Congrats, you just won the lottery, big time. What are the first three things you do? Tithe. Pay off my debt and my parents' debt. Buy one of these while I donate my car to charity.
7. What's your favorite holiday recipe? Bonus points for sharing. Oreo FREAKING truffles. Recipe can be found here.
8. If people knew you outside the blogosphere, whats one thing that might surprise them about you? That I'm pretty shy?
9. What's one of your guilty pleasures? Magazines.
10. If you could have any dream job, what would it be? I would like to be the person that names streets. Or paint colors. I know, weird. But it would be awesome. 
11. What are you looking forward to the most in 2013? Meeting a man. A real one. It WILL happen. Say it with me, ladies. 

So, I'm not tagging anyone in particular. I'm tagging EVERYONE that reads my blog!! :) Yep, I took the easy way out. Just go with it. Here are my 11 questions for you to answer, should you choose to accept my challenge.

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
2. Colored Christmas lights or white Christmas lights?
3. What is your least favorite smell?
4. Do you have any pets?
5. What did you eat for dinner 2 nights ago?
6. What was your very first job?
7. If you could have any dream job, what would it be?
8. What was your favorite memory from 2012?
9. Daniel Radcliffe or Taylor Lautner? Explain.
10. Do you wear pajamas?
11. How many jobs have you had?

Tag! You're it!



  1. Since I don't have a blog, I'll answer the questions here:

    1. Mint chocolate chip.
    2. White.
    3. Vomit.
    4. No.
    5. Homemade cheeseburger, fries, baked beans.
    6. Library Associate (I shelved books and, eventually, worked the check-out desk).
    7. My dream was always to be a wife & mother and that's what I am.
    8. Seeing my son turn into a voracious reader. I'm so proud of him!
    9. Well, both are inappropriately young for me to crush on but I'm a Potterphile, so, Daniel Radcliffe.
    10. No, I usually just wear a t-shirt to bed.
    11. 5.

    Oh, and P&P is my favorite book too. I own 4 copies of the book and I've read it 10+ times.

    1. Oh, did you want to know what my jobs were? Library Associate, Theatre Box Office, Tutor, Dance Instructor, Administrative Professional (I guess it's 6 if you count Wife & Mother but I don't get paid for that one).

    2. Great answers. Mr. Darcy is the pretty logical pick-- and I bet he has a bit of Mr. Gray in him when needed :-).

  2. 1. peanutbutter chocolate
    3. male B.O.
    4. Yes. The Bons.
    5. meatloaf
    6. counter girl at Arby's.
    7. I wish I knew.
    8. laughing while floating in the ocean with two of my favorite people.
    9. Daniel Radcliffe. More my type, plus wizard trumps dog any day.
    10 Yes.
    11. 8. Arby's. Five Star Ford. Hollywood 20 Theatre. Blockbuster. Res hall desk staff. Admissions Counselor intern. Admissions Counselor. Publications Manager (and now director).

    1. Snap. I forgot one. Bi-Lo Charity Classic intern. Oh, actually I forgot two more. University Relations intern and marketing intern.

  3. I reposted on my super secret bloggity blog that I haven't told anyone about because I keep forgetting about it.


  4. 1. I can't eat ice cream :( I'm allergic to milk and soy (among other things), and almond and coconut ice cream just don't do it for me.
    2. BOTH
    3. burning butter ICK
    4. Yes :) Two wonderful little pups-Fez and Lola May
    5. Bucca di Beppo ravvioli YUM
    6. Does babysitting count? Oh, no? Ok then, I was a waitress in the restaurant of an elderly living center.
    7. I REALLY love my job (K-5 special education teacher :), but I think it would be equally fantastic to be a professional organizer.
    8. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband, and also when I found out one of my fifth graders from last year scored proficient on all of her state exams and came back to thank me for it :D
    9. Daniel Radcliffe -- He has an accent. Plus, I think Taylor Lautner is too young for me, and that just creeps me out.
    10. sometimes
    11. Oh jeepers, eleventy bajillion! Ok, really just babysitter, waitress, nanny, ice cream/drink maker, resident's assistant, mentor, community leader, hardcore barista, summer school teacher, student intern for a union, inclusion teacher, tutor, camp counselor, custom jewelry maker, aaand K-5 special educator


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