Monday, February 24, 2014

Things I Refuse

I read Helene's blog post this am and loved it so much that I decided to do it for my blog. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Things I Refuse...

//Rock this look. Ever.
Sorry, but the Native American headband-slash-messy hair-slash-fishtail braid makes me throw up a little in my mouth.
Neon Headband Tie Dye Yarn Hair Band Boho Style por RaydiantApparel

//Go whitewater rafting again.
Never. I fell out once and drifted downstream for awhile until someone could fish me out. No way, no thanks.

I don't get it. Maybe that's why I refuse to do it. But it's so hyped up and masculine and adrenaline junky weird, that I can say with much intestinal fortitude that I refuse.

//Wear Uggs.
Uggs are some really ug(g)ly boots. Even if I like that awkward club-foot look, I wouldn't wear them considering the animal cruelty charges against them (they use sheepskin instead of just the wool). That makes them even uglier to me!

//Wear anything with fringe.
No thank you.
Best part is I already have everything to make this outfit, including my favorite fringe boots!
//Eat seafood.
I know it's weird, but I just can't get down with it. I can tolerate tuna from a pouch but that's it. No fish, no shrimp, no crab...nothing that swims!
//Pollute desserts with the addition of nuts.
Why?!?!?! Just no.
//To rock a nude lip.
Those are for people with tans.
//Have a bird for a pet.
They just creep me out, for real.

What do you refuse to do?


  1. I refuse to eat mushrooms...they creep me out and remind me of something a dog pees on....

  2. Yours make me laugh! The fringe!

    I refuse to wear jerseys or camo. (How different we are!) The only exception would be a quidditch jersey. : )

    I refuse to eat spicy mustard. Vomit. Also, I am 1000% with you on the nuts in dessert.

  3. I will never understand crossfit. I think big muscles on girls are groooosssss. I will eat enough seafood for the both of us. I hate to admit it, but I own fugs (fake ugs from payless). I have to admit they are comfy when I just want to bum it to the store with a pair of leggings and oversized shirt. I would never where them out if I was actually going some where.

  4. Ditto everything except the nude lip (i rock those when my lipstick wears off and I don't know it), seafood, and I want to say I'd have a bird but I probably wouldn't.

  5. I agree with you, with a few exceptions: I love seafood, I think nuts in dessert provide a nice salty counterpoint to the sweetness (I rarely eat nuts though, because my daughter is highly allergic), and I rock a nude lip (but, although I'm very pale, I do have a lot of natural lip color and very dark hair).

    I refuse to:
    1) Read Twilight. If you want a good vampire book try Sunshine by Robin McKinley.
    2) Wear a scarf unless it's insanely cold out.
    3) Wear a statement necklace ever. (Sorry, not sorry)
    4) Eat squirrel stew (my father-in-law makes it).

  6. Awww for the most part I agree but I have to say a classy vintage Flapper Dress can look really cute even with fringe hehe :) I mostly refuse to overdo my make up...I know girls that cake it on...To me less can be more! :)

  7. I'm so with you on the headband thing....AND the fringe. Blech.

  8. hahaha these are hilarious! Why is it that so many dessert recipes or restaurant desserts have nuts in them?! Gross.


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