Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Updates and Randoms

This post doesn't really have one particular theme...but more of a hodge-podge of updates. Ready??

The Rings!
M and I finally got our rings. This past weekend. My wedding band is a very simple pave diamond band. You can see it below my engagement ring in the first picture. It's a bit crooked in the photo, but you get the idea.
M's ring (modeled on my thumb) is tungsten carbide. He wanted to use that material since it is the most durable and scratch-resistant. I really like the simplicity of his ring. :)
The Bridal Shower!
My bridal shower is March 1st. I'm really excited about it! I elected to have a "one and done" shower for all of my friends and family so that I didn't have a bunch of them spread out. This one will be in the afternoon and based on what I've heard about it so far, it's going to be a lot of fun. And the best bridal shower games. YAY!!!!! Below is a part of the cute invitation!
The Honeymoon!
We are in the home stretch here for our honeymoon preparation. We are going to Jamaica!! I am beyond excited and can't wait. I've never been outside of the U.S. before and didn't even have a passport so this is a whole new experience. (Don't worry...the passport has been procured.)
I'm knee-deep in making list upon list upon list for packing. I may or may not have a spreadsheet that has pages for each category (clothing, accessories, toiletries, etc.). :D
Take me away!
That's really all I have for today. I'm sure I'll be updating more next week since we have a few big things happening next weekend. (Bridal shower and moving!!) 52 days!!!

Wedding Wednesday


  1. SUPER exciting about getting the rings (and planning the honeymoon). Our rings are supposed to be in in the next week or so, and I can't wait!
    YAY for your bridal shower! It will be SO much fun! You're gonna feel like you have ADD though trying to say hi to everyone and not leave anyone out haha

  2. You are moving right along with your planning! So exciting. I have yet to do any of those things. Probably need to start working on it! HA!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Jamaica looks lovely!

    Your ring is gorgeous. MFD's band is a simple thick white gold band. I think simple is great for guys. I like simple myself too.

  4. We just went and ordered our rings!!! I soooo cannot wait to get themmm (they had to take my engagement ring for a few days.. it's been terrible hah) but your ring is stunning!

  5. oooo Jamaica! How exciting!!! The rings look so great, too!

    Also, love those bridal shower invitations! Too cute!


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