Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top 5 Tuesday: Dog Breeds

I love dogs.

Like, really love them. I would have all kinds of dogs, if I could. However, I'm allergic to dogs/dog hair and dog hair drives me bananas.

In a world where allergies don't exist and dog hair isn't a problem, there are a couple of dog breeds I would love to own. Of course, I would definitely rescue these dogs too. :)

Just look at his wittle face! And the ears! Oh man. 

These are just beautiful and extremely intelligent dogs. 

So ugly, they are adorable. I just can't even get over that face. I WILL have one and it will be named Julius or Everett.

Look at that precious beard! And these guys actually shed very little (if any).

The best solution to my allergies but also with the fluffy hair and mustache/beard combo that I love on dogs. How precious is this one?

Thanks to M for today's post topic...as random as it is. :) Honorable mentions go to: Pugs and Basset Hounds.


  1. excellent choices. love all of these.

    i want a frenchie so bad.

    and i'd love a giant schnoodle - giant schnauzer/poodle combo.
    and a rottie.

    someday, when i have lots of open land (hahahah!)

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