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Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to: Dress for a Modern + Casual Job Interview

I recently had a lady email me asking for some advice on what to wear to a job interview. This was different than a normal job interview because the environment was casual AND modern. She expressed her desire to look current/modern in her interview attire as well as embrace the casual nature of the job and workplace itself.

But, this is still a job interview. So, no jeans. :) [She didn't say that...I interjected it.]

So, I came up with a few options for her that (I thought) were modern and casual, yet still were appropriate for a job interview. All of the options below would work with nude heels or flats. I used navy pants in my outfits because the emailer mentioned she had a pair of navy pants she wanted to wear.

Outfit 1 incorporates the basic interview formula (slacks + blazer + shell) but updates the colors, fits and fabrics a bit. I suggested a patterned (love the stripes!!) blazer in a cotton or ponte fabric with a little stretch. It's a bit more updated and casual fit than the traditional blazer. A pop of color in a drapey (not tucked in) shell and a statement necklace (of course) makes this look work.

Outfit 2 uses the basic white button down and slacks but softens the overall look with a colorful cardigan (think soft lines over hard edges of a traditional blazer) and a statement necklace or colorful accessory.

Outfit 3 is the most casual. This one incorporates a shawl cardigan (doesn't have buttons or a zipper) over a printed shell. The key with this outfit is looking completely put together and matching colors or shades of colors will help to do that.

Have you ever had a casual interview? To be honest, I've never had an interview where I didn't wear a suit or at least a blazer before!

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  1. I love the first outfit for an interview. I've always worn a suit.


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