Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars: Fashion Recap

As per usual, after a major awards show I like to recap on some of my favorite fashions of the evening. Below are my thoughts on last night's Oscars fashion.


J Law in Dior Couture

Dang, I just love her. But besides that, the fit of this dress is perfection and her minimal accessories are on point. I love the necklace draped in the back. This has worked for her in the past, so I'm excited to see her do it again.

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen

I heart a navy dress. The gathering on this dress is perfect and it accentuates Sandra's curves in all the right ways. Minimal jewelry with her side-swooped hair absolutely top it off.

Charlize Theron

Not many people could pull of this very structured look, but Charlize does it beautifully. I absolutely loved the bottom of this dress!

Kelly Osbourne

This look is perfection. It's a vintage-y shawl with a fitted and contemporary dress silhouette. That, coupled with her modern hair makes a unique look that I was obsessed with. It's like a modern, slightly punk Grace Kelly look.

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada

I absolutely loved this dress. Lupita has had some slam dunk looks previously and she actually designed this with the help of Prada. The blue is beautiful. The only thing I didn't love so much was the hairband. I could have done without it...but I didn't hate it enough to not include her look in my best dressed.

Emma Watson in Vera Wang
YES! Sometimes Emma tries to be really edgy and it doesn't work. This is a classic silhouette with a bit of edge and it totally works. 


Meryl Streep

Oh Meryl. Aging ladies can still dress well (see Glen Close's look from this year's Oscars). So, why did you resort to this frumpy, opera look? And the hair? It's just not Oscar-worthy.

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

Sorry Pharrell...even though I love your latest song, this look doesn't make me happy. (see what I did there?) The Oscars are the classiest of awards shows so shorts are inappropriate. And his friend (no idea who she is or what she's there for) looks like she's in a bull-fighting costume sans sequins.

Elsa Pataky

What the....? Number 1: side boob. Stop. Number 2: the drawstring or waistline of the dress under her belly looks like she has an enormous beer belly. Number 3: When will pregnant celebs stop trying to either hide or draw attention to their bellies? Take a hint from Olivia Wilde and just work with it. It doesn't have to be hidden or...swathed in layers of sheer blue fabric. A little goes a long way...and I'm looking at you, Kerry Washington.

What were some of your best and worst pics?

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  1. so good. you know i was looking forward to this recap.

    that pregoo dress - i somehow missed it - and wish i could have missed it here too. my eyes can't unsee that!

  2. Jennifer Lawrence is flawless in that pic! I am not always a fan of that hair-do but she is KILLING IT.

    I love your recaps. I never watch these shows but I still like to see the pretty (and not so pretty) dresses.


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