Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Krystin's outfit in her recent blog post makes me swoon. I love, LOVE the tulle midi "ballet" skirt with the sequins AND the striped top. I so wish I could replicate this look and actually wear it somewhere. :)
I'm feeling especially crafty lately. This just might actually be do-able considering the awesomely simple tutorial. Thoughts?


If you find uninjured baby bunnies this spring, please return them to their nest and leave them be. Their mom is around and she will take care of them.
Visit if you need more information.
Please reblog to spread the word.
'Tis the season for baby bunnies. This is a helpful little picture for what to do if you find them like this.

We are going to Sandals Jamaica for our honeymoon. It may or may not have a little do with this scene. :)


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Kate Middleton Is Basically A Samantha Doll Come To Life 

someone get Kate Middleton a muff.

Any American Girl and Kate Middleton lovers out there? Kate Middleton is basically a Samantha doll come to life!

Weekly GIFts:

(remember this lady?)


Happy Thursday!



  1. Andy's face.

    Also, as crazy girly as it is, which is not like me at all, I totally want a tulle skirt. They're just so fun!


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