Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Packing List

I am about to do something for y'all today that feels so weird for me to do. For whatever reason, sharing my personal packing list feels invasive. So strange. But, in the hopes that it could benefit you for your future honeymoon or tropical getaway, I'm going to post it. :)

My sister often jokes my trip preparation is "sick". And not in a good way. I tend to make lists for lists and I almost always plan out my outfits if the trip is longer than an overnight. In the days of weighed and charged luggage, every ounce is important...meaning, overpacking could, quite literally, cost me a lot of money. So, I want to pack as simply and comfortably as possible.

Note, if you're looking for one of those "Tour Europe for a Month with One Suitcase" posts, then let me suggest some other packing gurus. (here and here) I'm not bare-bones packing, because I just couldn't do that. I almost always tend to OVER pack, so by planning this out at the level I am, I hope to pack exactly what I need. Not too much and not too little.

My packing list was done in Excel. I love Excel for lists. Oh, and it's to be expected that my list is colorful. Duh.

 The beauty of Excel is the worksheets. I have a different one for each category: Clothing, Accessories, Toiletries, Miscellaneous and Outfits.

It was REALLY hard to only bring 4 pairs of shoes and 2 statement necklaces. For real. However, I did a good job (I think) of reusing them in my outfits. I basically brought a pair of shoes for each occasion. Flip flops (Rainbows) for the beach or pool, Asics for workouts or active outings, nude wedges for evenings and these black sandals. Yes, they are Crocs. Bite me. They are cute, amazingly comfortable and can get wet or sandy and only have to be rinsed off. These are multi-purpose shoes that can be worn to the beach, pool or with a dress at dinner.

I feel like this is a fairly normal list. :) But I have this dreaded feeling that I'm missing something...

Again, another straight-forward list.

This is what my sister would call "sick". :) But it was extremely helpful in pairing down my master packing list. As I made outfits I used the clothing and accessories I'd put on my lists. Anything that I ended up not using in my outfits was removed from the list. I actually weeded the packing list down considerably since I had about 3 additional dresses and 4 additional pairs of shoes on the originals. I'm still taking a spare dress, bathing suit and coverup just in case something happens to one that I'm planning on wearing.

For reference, we are going to Jamaica for 7 days. You can see above that I've only planned out 5 outfits for each. I will probably re-wear some of the beach/pool outfits and can definitely mix up some of the dinner outfits to form a new one or use my spare "4th of July" dress.

Have you ever made a trip packing list? Is yours as extreme as mine? :D

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  1. Oh geez. See, this is why I'm glad I posted! Adding deo to the list now. :) :)

  2. Wow! I'm stopping by from the link-up and this is awesome! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Your packing planning skills are impressive! I thought I was an obsessive planner. I think you beat me to it! This is a great list though. And I agree that if you can slim down your luggage, you can save yourself some money. Planning is important when you travel for long periods of time. Great list!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I always use excel for packing. It keeps me from worrying I will forget something. Your categories are very smart. I used to be a big over packer and then read this somewhere (who knows where it came from): "Pack half what you think you need and bring twice the amount of money you think you will spend". Trust me, I still bring outfits I don't end up wearing, but I have gotten much better about packing less. However, for you honeymoon-- I think over packing is a must!

  5. this is genius. TOTALLY doing this for the honeymoon packing list. thanks for sharing the heads up! you're gonna have the best time ever!

  6. This is insanity. But also amazing.

    If I had 1/10th of your type-a-ness I would be much less of a disaster as a person.

  7. Oh gawd, I cannot wait to get to this part of the planning...I am *just* starting! :(

    Jamaica sounds amazing (I've heard great things!) and you are insanely, awesome organized with your packing list ;P

  8. Wowsah I am impressed!! I write lists, but I really like the structure of yours!! :)

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