Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Home Update!

Most of my weekends have been dedicated to working on the new place. I'd love to have as close to "put together" as possible once I move in. The good news is that it is definitely live-able like it is now. Mostly, we are working on organizing, unpacking  and then moving my things in.

We have a few furniture purchases we will need to make but we can live without those items for time being. Below are some progress photos of the new house! (I'm not showing everything yet...just the rooms that I've had time to get fairly organized and/or that have furniture!)


Our kitchen is really bright and sunny...which I love. Among the things we want to do to this room are to add a few floating shelves or a mirrored window pane shelf thing over the sink in between where the cabinets are. That's kind of a weird space. Also, we are going to replace the cafe curtains on the little window. Those came with the place. Also, we'll add another bar stool. Isn't it crazy how much these bar stools (which M had in his old apartment) match the cabinets?!

Master Bathroom
This bathroom has dual sinks and a vanity area (not pictured) along with a linen closet and access to our walk-in closet. I just wanted to take a close-up photo of the linens we registered for and have received so far. Our actual towels are dark gray like the rug. We have accent towels that are currently hung. I am obsessed with this gray and yellow right now!
The Living Room/Dining Room Area

You may have seen one of these photos on my Instagram account over the weekend. The living room is the most "put-together" room of them all...even though it's just part of the room that is put together. Below are views from other angles that show you the rest of the giant downstairs area.

In this large wall where the brown ottoman and next to the lamp, we want to put two small chairs and maybe another white round side table like the one in the picture above this one. I'm loving the fun slipper chairs Target has right now but M doesn't like that they don't have arms. (Must be a man thing??) We still need to figure that out. But we're in no rush. But doesn't the little reading chair in front of the bay window look awesome?!?!

Well, that doesn't really seem like a lot of progress, but it definitely feels like it. M's parents generously gifted us with new bedroom furniture for our wedding. See it here. That will be delivered next week so I have a feeling that will really ramp up my progress photos. :)


  1. Looks like you're making a lot of progress!
    I love the shower curtain you have in the bathroom!

  2. This is the exact layout of Glenda and Justin's townhome, where I lived for about a year before they got married!

  3. Coming along very nicely! Can't wait to see the bedroom furniture (very cool of his parents!)

  4. Everything's looking great! I definitely think a mirror over the sink in the kitchen would be fabulous, especially with all the light you get in there. That's a happy kitchen.


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