Monday, March 31, 2014

Hewitt's Thoughts: Episode 2

Hello human peoples,

It's Hewitt. I'm taking over mom's blog today to share my thoughts and observations. I've done this once before (and it was quite a long time ago) so I figured my loyal fans (I'm looking at you Mylie, Gus and Geege) would want to hear from me again.

First, a selfie. (actually, I didn't take this I do not have thumbs...but I did pose for it.)

Do you see me there? Peeping around the blanket? Yes, I make it a habit of remaining still and quiet. This is how I've come up with my keenest observations of you humanoids. Below are my thoughts on human things.

My thoughts on the new house: I like it. I have many observation windows where I can gaze upon my kingdom...and my subjects. I can also keep an eye on all of the house's perimeters. However, there are three barking Pomeranians that live next door. I cannot pee in peace without them barking at me. I dislike this. They are on my list.

My thoughts on my future daddy: I like him. He's nice to me sometimes but he also doesn't give me as many treats as mommy does. I dislike this. Sometimes, he pets me...which I tolerate. (For the record the only human I allow to pet me is mommy. And even then I sometimes growl under my breath.) Sometimes mommy tries to force future father and son moments with us and it ends up looking something like this...

This is not a face of bliss. It's a face of seething hatred for being held like a baby. Dislike.

My thoughts on bananas: Nothing can motivate me to wake up from a nap faster than the sound of a banana being detached from the bunch. At the mere sound, I will awaken from my slumbers and make my way into the kitchen. Mom might have used this as a way to get me to go potty once. OR twice. That jerk.

My thoughts on television: Humans, there is no need to leave the television on Animal Planet or any other animal/nature show for me while you are away. I prefer the quiet (the better to hear sounds outside) and the sound of whatever animal is on tv often disturbs my day naps and rouses me from my dreams. Please turn off the tv. Thank you.

My thoughts on birds: Dislike.
My thoughts on cats: Like
My thoughts on zoo animals: Not as cute as I.
My thoughts on the government: Naps are way more productive.
My thoughts on babies: No thank you. I prefer to be the only noisy, needy thing in the house.

These are just my thoughts.

Peace out - Hewitt


  1. hahaaha! Gus, Geege, and Mae love bananas too. Most fruits.

    That baby position photo is hilarious.

    I love hearing from Hewitt!

  2. Mylie here! Hewitt you're looking GOOD.
    I despise being held like a baby as well.

    Maybe I'll come back and share a day in the life, maybe next week.
    I'll tell you all my likes and dislikes as well.

    Over and out. WOOF.


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