Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Final Countdown

First off - a brief note: I'm not sure how often I'll be posting over the next week and a half until the wedding. I'm working on lining up some awesome guest posts for y'all while I'm on my honeymoon...but until then, it might be kind of sporadic 'round these parts.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am 10 days away from becoming a Mrs.

With this exciting statement comes lot and lots of little details that I'm finalizing. I literally have spreadsheets and lists everywhere. Lists on my phone. Lists in my wedding binder. It's insane. But, luckily, things are all going according to plan and falling in line. I'll post with my final checklist next Wednesday, but today, I'm just going to post a few random thoughts.

I'm seriously, deathly afraid that USAirways will lose my luggage. Like it wakes me up at night thinking about it. I'm worried that they will either lose it and I'll have to go multiple days on just what is in my carryon, or worse, that my luggage will be forever lost in luggage land or eaten by the plane's engine. I'm tempted to overstuff my carryon so I won't be without...but then there's the whole anxiety of what if my carryon doesn't fit in the overhead compartment. Ugh.

I'm afraid that I've overlooked some huge detail and it won't become apparent to me until Friday or Saturday. Sigh.

I'm so excited to go to Jamaica. Seriously! I've never traveled out of the country like this and I've NEVER taken so much time off of work. (I'm taking 10 days off from work for the whole wedding/honeymoon.)

I'm excited to see friends and family that I've not seen in a long time at the wedding.

To finally get to sleep in our new bed and on our new mattress. Our bedroom suit was delivered last week and we won't sleep on it until I move in. So....I'm really excited! We loved how comfortable the mattress was in the store. It's gonna be awesome!

That I won't  get everything wrapped up at work before I leave.

About leaving Hewitt for a week. I know y'all, but seriously...I've never been away from him that long. And he's a little old man. :(

That all of the moving parts will be set in place before the wedding. This includes people, equipment, logistics, etc. It's so much!!

I feel like these excitements/fears/anxieties are perfectly normal, right? There's something cathartic about writing them down, so maybe that can help ease them. #yeahright

And because every "good" blog post needs a photo:

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  1. 10 DAYS! SO exiting!! I have a fear of loosing luggage too, I'm considering mailing my luggage a couple days before we go.. we're still 8 months out and this fear consumes me lol

  2. All of these are TOTALLY normal. I dont know about you, but Ive been waking up in the mornings thinking about all of the things I have to do for the wedding, at work, etc. It's gonna give me bags under my eyes for the wedding day if it keeps up! haha.
    10 more days--we can BOTH MAKE IT!!!! hANG IN THERE :)

  3. Who is Hewitt staying with while you're gone?

    I always fear losing luggage. I pack a dress, bathing suit, lounge gear, chargers, and toiletries in my carry on just in case.


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