Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five

8 days away, friends. 8 days until I'm married.

With that, I'm absolutely in crazy mode. Which means, the ol' blog gets a backseat for a hot minute. I'm sorry...but I'm also not. :)

Here are 5 things on a Friday:

1. My best friend had her baby on Monday. Literally, this is the most perfect looking baby I've ever seen! And a naturally-delivered baby too! Isn't she beautiful??

2. I'm still back and forth with my wedding hairstyle. I'm thinking this one...but I also love this one. Thoughts? My sister (the hairstylist) thinks I will get too hot if I wear my hair down...but I feel the most pretty when my hair is
3. This weekend, I'm moving most of my clothes over to the new place...which means I've left only the things I'll need next week at my current house. Even with a well thought-out outfit list, this smells of potential disaster to me.
4. I've decided that I will get spray tanned the Thursday before the wedding. I posted my tanning/self-tanning/base-tanning dilemma on WeddingBee and boy was I surprised at the number of responses I received. Who knew?!
5. FINALLY it's actually starting to feel like spring...and I love it!! :) I haven't worn tights or pants all week this week (but I've been wearing dresses and skirts...duh).
Have a fab weekend everyone!

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  1. I just invested yesterday in Jergens natural glow lotion--it's worked for me in the past and the new stuff doesn't stink. Im hoping that gives me enough oomph in the semi tan/not glowing direction!

  2. 1) Yes.
    2) I like the half up half down.
    3) You will probably forget something, but it will not be a disaster. You might just end up looking like the rest of us one day next week. (ie not very put together)
    4) I think a spray tan is the best thing for you. Just maybe watch the Friends episode where Ross gets spray tanned before you go as a warning. If you have not seen it and do not have access to it, call me and I will recap it for you.
    So happy for you!


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