Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ikea Overhaul!

Over the last couple of weeks M and I have made quite a few purchases at our local Ikea. When we moved in together we wanted to update/upgrade some of our existing furniture and also fill in some of the furniture gaps we had.

Enter Ikea.

I love Ikea. They have great furniture, home decor and other stuff. However, their furniture is a bit DIY, if you know what I mean. (Might I suggest this for all new couples? Spend a weekend together assembling Ikea furniture. If you can make it through that...you're golden!)

Anywho, we are in the process now of getting it all put together. Most of it is done, but a few things are still in the works. I'll show better photos once we get everything assembled! Below is what we purchased for our place.

Coffee Table (Rekarne) & Side Table (Lindved)

Here's a pic of our actual coffee table. We've since had a piece of glass cut to fit on top because with my Hawaiian punch habit, we were nervous that I'd spill it on the light wood. :) The side table is near the left window.

Dining Room Table (Norden)

NORDEN Extendable table IKEA Extendable dining table with 1 extra leaf seats 4-6; makes it possible to adjust the table size according to need.
Dining Chairs (Ingolf) & Benches (Sigurd
We opted to do 2 chairs and 2 benches for our table. The benches will go on the long side and can be tucked under the table when not in use. The chairs are for the ends. The table expands out to fit 8, so we may add two more chairs at some point. (side note - I have no idea why this picture is making them look gray. The chairs and benches are all white.)
Bookcase (Billy) & Media Shelves (Billy)

Again, they are both white...despite the picture color discrepancy. We purchased 2 media shelves (for all of M's dvds) and 1 bookcase. The media shelves flank the bookcase and we will put them all together on a wall to give sort of a "built-in" look.

I'll have better pics once we get everything assembled and in place. :) I feel insane that we've spent so much money on furniture, but we needed it. We were eating dinner on the coffee table every night. And our books/movies were in boxes. I just have to keep telling myself that...these were all necessary purchases. :) I managed to make it out of Ikea without purchasing any additional doo-dads or throw pillows (my weakness). Also, M and I haven't killed each other yet over putting together furniture...though there was a brief "discussion" over a toothbrush holder I bought for his bathroom. But I digress...

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. We are going to be IKEA'ing to fill in some of our gaps, too. Especially for a guest bedroom bed frame. I actually posted about it today :)

  2. I never look at furniture as a bad expense. Who wants to be uncomfortable in their house?


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