Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Guest Post} Wedding Guest Do's and Don'ts

While I'm away on my honeymoon, I've invited a few friends to write some fun guest posts for you to read. Today's post is from my girl Kelly. Kelly is originally from the East Coast and lives in Austin, TX. She calls herself a Sassy Magnolia, and I absolutely agree with her. I love her witty commentary and am so excited she's agreed to post! So, without further adieu...

Hey y'all! I'm Kelly and I blog over at Miss MP: The Chronicles of a Sassy Magnolia. I'm a southern gal who loves spending time with family and friends, all things related to homemaking, and a big admirer of the forever sassy Ousier Boudreaux. I've been reading April's blog for a couple years now and was thrilled when she invited me to do a guest post today.

Since April is tying the knot, I thought I'd do a post on wedding guest etiquette. In other words, the do's and some don'ts when attending a wedding. Here we go.

First the most important job of being a wedding guest. Always RSVP. Food, seating, and the all important open bar are based upon the guest list, so being a rock star guest and RSVP'ing on time is key.

Next lets talk social media. Before you pull out that smart phone, check before posting photos of the wedding online. A lot of couple will give you their full blessing along with a hashtag to do so. But when in doubt, wait. Some couples are not as social media happy as the rest of us or would prefer to only post professional photos of the big day. Usually you will see something along the lines of this if its ok.

And while at the reception, take advantage of the open bar. Open bars are one of the perks of a wedding. But remember: tipsy is good and makes you more willing to do the chicken dance or cha cha in front of a group of people. However, falling down on the dance floor drunk is bad. Very very bad. Please refer to the below photos if you are wondering the difference.

And while it might seem minor, remember to take your favor. Granted, you may not need a personalized match book or a bag of candy, but the couple put a lot of time and money into those trinkets as a way to say thank you. Take them with you and dispose later on if they don't tickle your fancy. Plus, not all favors are bad. See below.

Ok and now some no nos. Because being that guest is never a good thing.

First, please do not assume you can bring a date or your children. Pay close attention to how a wedding invitation is addressed. Does it say your name followed by "and guest" or "and family"? If it doesn't that means the invitation was just for you. And pretty please do not ask to bring said date or children if they weren't invited originally. I assure you the bride and groom gave some thought to their guest list. If it were in their budget, the bride and groom would have extended the extra invitation.

And please do not forget to silence your phone during the ceremony. Because having Toby's Keith's Whiskey Girl  go off in a small church after the first reading is something I would never wish on anyone. In my defensive, this happened years ago when ring tone music was new and all the rage. #oops

Also, make sure you do not wear white, something too flashy or revealing, or show up under dressed for the wedding. When in doubt, check on what the dress guidelines may be. Usually this information is on the invite. Remember, the bride gets one day in her life to be the center of attention. Let girlfriend have her fun.

And finally ladies, PLEASE don't be that girl during the bouquet toss. You know who I'm talking about. It's not a gladiator ring, it's a wedding reception. Keep it classy. Unless of course you are like Aunt Bee below, who truly thought of a clever way of catching the bouquet. Respect your elders y'all.

Thanks again for April letting me visit today! I can't wait to see photos of the big day!

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