Thursday, April 24, 2014

On Housewifery

Pretty much most of what I've blogged about recently has been personal, so I apologize ahead of time again for another blatantly personal email.

Ever since M and I got married and moved in together (it's officially been 12 days but we've only lived together in our house for 5 since we went on a honeymoon for a week) my "nesting" instincts have re-emerged.* Also, I'm not trying to set back my gender 150 years by saying this, but my interest in things related to being a "housewife" have basically exploded.

Let me essplane, okee?

Things that I usually could've cared less about before are interesting to me now. Things that I was borderline interested in before, I am now obsessed with.

For example:

1. Gardening, planting flowers, yard work - before marriage: mildly interested, after marriage: borderline obsessed with planting flowers and growing vegetables. I want to grow ALL the pretty flowers now. And cut them and have fresh flowers all the time. So weird.

2. Meal planning - before marriage: bleh, no thanks, after marriage: YES, YES, YES! I've only done this for a week, so I've obviously not had long-term experience with this but I do follow a few other bloggers that do this and it seems to really be helpful in staying organized, stress-free and being cost-effective.

3. Entertaining - before marriage: on occasion, after marriage: START THE PARTIES NOW!! Maybe it's because I want to use all the pretty dishes and servingware we got for our wedding. The only problem is  that we DON'T HAVE A DINING ROOM TABLE YET. Small issue. Maybe we'll pick one up this weekend when we go to Ikea. :)

 *Most of you that have been married for years are probably scoffing at my ridiculous musings after less than 2 weeks of marriage. But these are mostly my observations. Be nice, okay?


  1. Meal planning and food prep definitely makes week days easier.

    I still like to entertain, I liked to before we got married too.

    I love to grow pretty flowers but I never cut them and bring them inside. I always thought I would. I don't really have room for a veggie garden. I try containers some years and some years I just say blah and buy from the farmer's market.

  2. I've been married for almost 2 and a half years, and I'd say my nesting instincts have only gotten stronger! This could be because we lived in an apartment for two years, and just moved into a house, but I'm all about gardening, planting flowers, and making my house a home so people can come over all the time!

  3. Love all of this-- homemaking is so much fuN!

  4. Homemaking is so fun. No one will give you a hard time about any of that.


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