Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Why I Won't Hunt You Down

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Well, here we are...almost 17ish days before the wedding. I've had a total of around 120 or so guests RSVP that they were coming. I've had about 10 people tell me they won't be able to make it. So, there are about 90-100 guests that I've not heard from. And my deadline on the invitation for RSVPing was March 15.

Surprisingly, this really doesn't bother me. Granted, my wedding is slightly different than most because I don't have a catered reception with seating charts and all of that. It's just a dessert reception set up buffet-style. So, having 120 or 220 people really doesn't make a huge difference to me. I mean, sure it would be NICE to know so that I wouldn't buy food for 220 people if I didn't need it. But, then again, I'd rather have extra than not enough. And, sure it makes a difference in my cake...because if I only have 120 people coming, I could DRASTICALLY reduce the cost of my cake. Again though, I'd rather bank on having 220 people. If I have to eat cake for weeks, I'll gladly do it. :) If I have to pawn off extra cake on friends and family whilst I get my burn on in Jamaica, I will. I'm sure they won't mind.

I'd rather OVER estimate the number of guests (even by something as drastic as 100...which I know won't actually be the case) than UNDER estimate. That's a pretty standard way of thinking, right? Better be safe than sorry. Under promise and over deliver?

So, I'm not going to spend my last few weeks before the wedding hunting down non-responders. If you come, you come. If you don't, still send me a gift. JUST kidding. :) But for real, trying to contact every single person to see if they are coming seems so unnecessarily tedious to me. I realize I'm probably not thinking very "traditionally" when it comes to this...but it's just how I am. However, the other, more worrisome part of me wonders if people even got the invitation. I mean, I know people did...but we did have some mail It's a small-yet-slightly-nagging worry. Still, I think most of the important people/family/friends are involved enough in my life to know the wedding is approaching and would speak out if they hadn't received an invitation. Right? Is that wishful thinking?

How did you track down non-RSVPers? Did you worry about it? Did you count on everyone showing up? I'd love to hear how your actual wedding turned out number-wise vs. the number you invited.


  1. I dont understand why people are so rude about this. You've addressed and stamped the envelope. All that is required is a check mark and some saliva to seal the envelope. It's just rude when people don't respond or make you harass them. We had about 10 people we had to harass for responses. I still have 1-2 couples I havent heard from, but Im marking them as no. If they show up, too bad so sad

  2. We had a head count due, so I tracked them down. And it made me rage. I do not understand what's so hard about RSVPing.

    As in all else though, always better to have too much rather than not enough.

  3. We didn't even bother with RSVPs because people are so bad at this. I think I read somewhere that you can expect 60-70% to show up - I planned for 85% because it was in town and I knew all my out-of-town family would be coming. It worked out.

  4. I didn't worry about it. If they don't RSVP by the date they aren't coming. And just because they did RSVP doesn't mean they will show up. We invited 120, 68 RSVP yes and we had about 60 show up.

  5. Im coming but I obviously typed your email address wrong because it got returned to me....sorry. But Ash asked me if I was coming so im hoping she passed it on....Sorry im a slacker


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