Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Bridal Party

It was initially hard for me to make a decision on who would be in my bridal party. This is mostly because I have a lot of close girlfriends that would make the cut. That, plus my two sisters, and my two future-sister-in-laws made for a list of more than 8 ladies. To me, that just seemed like it would be too much. (for me and for my type of ceremony) Since the ceremony is more casual and simple, I really wanted to keep the bridal party small...but I didn't want to hurt feelings. [Says probably every other bride.]

Ultimately, M and I decided on 2 attendants each. My maid of honor is my sister Ashton and my matron of honor is my sister Allison. Yes, I have both a maid of honor and a matron of honor...which probably isn't allowed in the book of wedding protocols...but, whatever, it's MY wedding and that's what I want. [said with a slight Veruca Salt sneer] M's attendants are his brother and his best friend. Simple and easy. All of my close girlfriends and friends were invited to the bridal shower and will be invited to the bachelorette, so, I'm still including them on all the festivities.

Below are the dresses my bridesmaids chose. They are both in a navy color called "Marine".

Maid of Honor - Ashton

Matron of Honor - Allison

M and I wanted to include his niece in the wedding, so she's going to be our flower girl. She's going to be adorable!! Just look how cute she is!

And here is her dress!

It's precious. I wish they made it in an adult size!
That's how I arrived at my bridal party. I'm happy with it. :)
Special shout out to my sister is her birthday. Happy Birthday!
Wedding Wednesday


  1. Deciding on a bridal party was easy for me but then I lost a bridesmaid (she quit on me), so that has been interesting. I don't think we are having anyone do readings or anything at our ceremony, so that made it easy as well. As long as everyone is OK with your decision, then it's fine. You can't please everyone!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Happy birthday to your sister! I love everyone's dress. The strapless is very similar to what half of the girls in my wedding wore.

  3. Ugh I feel you. I could have had a ton of 'maids as well, but I settled on 5. I worried about hurting feelings, but other close friends are involved in the ceremony with either readings, music or other duties. They all seem fine with it and are just happy to be involved...and if they are hurt they didn't tell me and that's just fine, too :)

    I love the dresses your girls chose! Great color!

    Happy Birthday to your sister!

  4. I had both a maid and matron of honor too. No biggie these days - wedding "rules" are meant to be broken if you want! :)

  5. Love the cut and color of both of you bridesmaids! Where did you pick them from? I was just asked to be in my brother's wedding. I barely know the bride and there are 8 attendants. I def feel like I was asked to be filler (and I'll deny this to the day I die-- but you dresses are way cuter).

    1. They are from David's Bridal! Are the dresses your future SIL chose really bad??

  6. i was just asked to be in my friends wedding last week! and her color is blue too, AND i was looking at ashton's dress as well! that is one of my favorite cuts, and usually looks good on me! we have to go dress shopping soon, but that was one of my top contenders, at least online! :) how fun!

  7. Love the navy, great choice!! It was easy for me to pick my bridal party, just 3 gals - my fiance is actually having a hard time picking a 3rd groomsman! I tell him it's because he's anti-social haha


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