Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to: One Top Four Ways

Happy Thursday!

I'm big fan of any sort of wardrobe versatility advice or inspiration. I love being able to take one piece and wear it for multiple occasions or with a variety of outfits. To me, that is the true meaning of a budget fashionista! :)

Today, I bring you my own version of this with my One Top Four Ways (1T4W) post. I've done a few other similar posts in the past, but never with much continuity. If this works out well, I might make it more of a recurring post.

The basic premise of this post is the idea that one top (this one, from Target) can be worn for a variety of occasions/events and with lots of different outfits. I've credited the outfit items that I could find exact links for and that are still available to purchase.

The first look is a work one. The fabric and cut of the top (polyester and has a higher neckline) makes it perfect when paired with a suit or a blazer. I loved rocking this at work.
[Blazer | Pants (in navy)]
The next two looks are also work appropriate or can be more business casual. I'm still not sure how I feel about the first look, but I think it's just because I love the second business casual (hues of blues) outfit so much. It's more in my wardrobe comfort zone. Also, I love the colors. :)

The casual look is probably my favorite. (duh!) It's also the most colorful. Something about aqua and pink together makes me happy. I realize this color combo might be a bit much for most people, so you could sub in a navy or gray cardigan and neutral shoes if it feels more comfortable.

Would you ever try mixing up one of your tops in 4 different outfits?


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