Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Love Jesus But I Drink a Little

I shamelessly stole my post title from one of my all-time favorite The Ellen Show moments.

Post disclaimer: Today I will be talking about drinking. (Alcohol...not Hawaiian Punch. Because I lurve me some Hawaiian Punch.) Although, I'm not a big drinker (I didn't have my first drink until the DAY I turned 21!) I do like to imbibe on occasion...and not to point of excess. I maybe consume 2-5 drinks a month. ("Drinks" being defined as a glass of wine or a mixed drink. I don't drink beer because I think it tastes like cool, carbonated pee. But, that's just me. ;))

Over the weekend I worked on getting some things moved in to our new place and put away. I'm excited to have an actual, real bar area. And by area, I mean a little shelf thingy dedicated to bar things. HA! We registered for a bar tools set (mixer thing, shaker thing, stir things, etc...as you can see, I really know my terminology!) Right now, we just have my martini glasses in there, but we registered for some bar glasses and shot glasses to add to the shelf. Also, we got a really cool tray from my bridal shower that we wanted to display. We got a few cocktail recipe books and will probably put those somewhere. Yes, eventually we will probably need to get a bigger shelf thing but for right now it works perfectly in the corner of our dining area.

It's such a sign of adulthood, to me, to have a bar area. I have no idea why, but it makes me so excited. Granted, I'm not really that great at making drinks (I usually leave that to M) but I'm completely capable of following a recipe. :)


  1. It's a really cute bar area! Good work :)

  2. so cute. so chic. so grown up.

    i made a little wine section similar to this and i love it! :)

    enjoy, and cheers!

  3. My old house had an actual wet bar, with cabinets and a tiny sink. Although we drink a bit, it's not nearly enough to justify a wet bar, so we used it for storage. I used to keep library books in the sink! My husband had turned off the water, of course.

  4. Good work! We have an actual bar but since we don't keep booze in the house it's full of crock pots. hahaha

  5. Love it! I'm hoping to steal a bar from my dad's house one day.


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