Friday, February 21, 2014

Statement Necklaces for under $50

I get asked by lots of people where I find my statement necklaces.

The short answer is: "online".  I do often find good deals in some brick and mortar stores, but probably 85% of my statement necklaces were purchased online.


Well, I'd much rather purchase online than drive to a store that may or may not have what I'm looking for. It takes just a few moments to type in "navy blue statement necklace" into my browser before I've got tons of possibilities in front of me. Plus, many times, you can score great deals on clearance or flash sales that just aren't usually the situation in most stores. (Which is also why I tend to clothes shop online as well. Clearance stock is much deeper when it's coming from a warehouse or headquarters as opposed to being limited to one store's clearance stock.)

Some of my favorite places online to shop for statement necklaces are Amazon, Ebay and a few flash sale websites like GroopDealz and Sassy Steals. However, Forever 21 has really bumped up their assortment "game" and produced some awesome jewelry at their normal inexpensive prices. Below are a few awesome statement necklaces (and their online sources) that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. :) And the best part is that all of them are under $50...and most are under $40!!
"statement necklaces under $50" by aprilanne147 on Polyvore

 Would you buy a statement necklace online? Have you ever and had success? I'm always looking for more suggestions! :)


  1. Yes! I have the Maurice's necklace (teal pink and orange) that I got online. Also get them on eBay and forever21. They have the best deals!!

  2. You would love Sam Moon. Not sure if they have one near your neck of the woods, but they have tons of Statement necklaces for less then $20. Right up your alley. I think you can also order online.

  3. I buy these as gifts for T. Mostly online, but Versona is my new best friend.

  4. I have seen the a lot of necklaces made by Zara /forever 21 etc are available on Ebay at a much cheaper rate .. not sure if these are actually authentic though


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