Wedding Wednesday: The Checklist (Update)

Happy Wednesday!

For all of my fellow Southeasterners, happy snow day! It's just started falling again here and is covering the ground quickly. Thank the LORD I have a job that allows me to work from home in situations like this. I don't even want to chance the roads.

Today, I wanted to update you on a few things I've completed and now have in progress with my wedding. An updated checklist is below...

As you can see, I've completed a few things I had in process on my last checklist post, and I have a few new things in process. Most of what I have in process revolves around the reception. I went to Sam's with my mom over the weekend and priced out the candy for the candy buffet and cookies/salty snacks for the other tables and it came in to around $256!! Which is amazing! A HUGE relief knowing about how much it's going to cost and that it's under budget. I still have to price the drinks (they had the miniature water bottles but not those cute little mini sodas I want) but I don't think that will be more than maybe $150 at the most! Did I tell y'all I'm having miniature water bottles and sodas in these cute little galvanized pails at my reception? I love miniature things...bottles, cakes, I'm very excited to use the little 8oz water bottles and soda cans. I only have to price out the sodas (because they didn't have them at Sam's) and then purchase everything. But it's all coming together and that's really a big stress relief.

Also, I decided to borrow cake stands, platters and other serving ware (vases, bowls, jars for the candy buffet) from friends for my candy buffet, milk and cookies bar and "man" table. I think I'll be able to borrow everything I need without having to rent/purchase anything...which is also a big relief.

It's so amazing when you finally start to see things coming together. I'm really excited to have a unique, whimsical and fun ceremony and reception. It's my hope that this entire experience is very "us" and unique. I love the idea of surprising people with different ceremony and reception elements.

Also, I will leave you all with this. I saw this pin the other day and I've been thinking about it ever since.

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  1. You are really on top of stuff! Go you!!

  2. You will "NOT" have time to make food! Forget it!!


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