Monday, September 15, 2014

Camping Weekend Recap

I went camping with M this weekend. I'll recap that in just a minute. First of all I'd like to discuss why people are so shocked to hear that I am going camping? Everyone just says "you don't seem like a camping person"...whatever that means. I friend of mine said that I have "prissy tendencies". Nevertheless I went camping this weekend and it wasn't my first time and I survived. Also I managed to fit everything I needed as far as clothing and toiletries into one backpack with extra clothes to spare... Ladies and gentlemen THAT is a win!

M and I left on Friday and the camp ground/park area was about two hours from our house. We left around lunch and arrived early afternoon and immediately started getting our tent up and our canopy set up. Rain was predicted pretty much all weekend so we brought our canopy and raingear in preparation for that. However the small two-person backpacking tent we purchased was not rain proof. Because it was miserably hot in that tiny tent we slept with the roof canopy off...and subsequently woke up at 3 AM to rain on our faces. After scrambling to put the tent canopy on we then proceeded to be rained on for the next two hours. We were sweaty, hot and damp inside the tent as the water leak for the tent seams. Sleep was pretty much out of the question so we tried our best to keep as dry as possible. The whole time I kept having to put the situation in reminding myself that this was not nearly as bad as my deep-sea fishing experience. On Saturday morning we woke up completely wet along with all of our possessions. After breakfast we immediately proceeded to the nearest Walmart to upgrade our tent. We went from a 2 person small 7 foot tent (that was 3 feet tall) to a six person 10.5 foot tent (that is 6 feet tall). My 6 foot five husband had room to stretch out and we could put everything in the tent rather than lock it in his truck at night. The new tent was amazing and we are so glad we purchased it! Here's a picture of our first tent and our second tenant below. 

Of course on the second day by about 5 o'clock it started raining and didn't stop until well after midnight. But between our canopy and our new waterproof guaranteed tent we were fine. Aside from the weather, which was kind of a bummer, we really had a great time. We were able to cook our dinner over the campfire both nights before started raining and we had some very interesting camping neighbors. One being a normal family that were very funny and also Gamecocks fans (whoo hoo!) and the other being some late night camping arrivals who were drunk rednecks that apparently peed on themselves (or so they yelled during the night). Halfway through the night their tent collapsed because they got up and slept in the truck for the rest of the night. They subsequently left the next day due to the prediction of more rain their woodstock-era tent with issues. We were right on Lake Murray so we had some gorgeous views and good opportunities for fishing. It was a great trip! I wish the weather was a little better but overall we're glad we went. Below are some different pictures I took throughout the weekend. 

After a rain shower...the lake was misty and gorgeous.

So there! I made it! And I didn't die and I only complained a couple of times...all of which were rain-related. :) Do you like to go camping? (Side note: I did have RV-envy whilst it was raining. All of those people snug in their beds NOT getting rained on while I was. Are pop-up campers budget-friendly??) :)

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  1. You are brave to tent it. I think if I had one of those campers that you connect to a truck, I could be down. And a hair dryer. Lawd, I sound high maintenance ;-).

  2. So great to be right on the lake! LOLOL at the peeing neighbors.

    Excellent idea to upgrade your tent and salvage the weekend.

  3. Good for you! I would have definitely been jealous of those people in an RV while trying to sleep in the rain. I found your blog through the Life of Meg link up!

  4. i never do camping...this place is so nice and the lake amazing

  5. People say the same about me whenever they find out that I'm going camping! I've been going camping the vast majority of my life. I think the first time I went I was 6 months old. I am a girly girl and like my creature comforts, but I do know how to go camping!


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