Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Things That Give Me FOMO

FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out

I frequently have FOMO...and for various reasons. Some of these FOMO episodes are self-induced and others aren't. These are the things that give me FOMO...


1. Not being a beer drinker
I hear about all sorts of fun things like beer fests and beer tastings but I hate beer so I can't participate. Also, there's something about a cold beer that just says "summer". I have extreme FOMO with this. If beer wasn't just so gross...

2. Not having a "kitschy"decor taste
I love seeing all sorts of cool and kitschy decor in people's homes...especially kitchens. But I couldn't really ever incorporate them into my own living space.

3. Being a planner
I'm not a spontaneous, spur of the moment person. I have FOMO when plans to go and do fun things just happen and for whatever reason I can't commit. It takes a lot for me to say "yes" to things.

4. Not having a hobby
I am interested in lots of things but I wouldn't call any of them really a hobby. I sing, I read, I wog and I talk to my dog in weird voices. None of these things really qualify as a hobby. I wish I was a hobby-er that was part of a larger network like a scrapbooker or a baker or a photographer. Maybe I just need a hobby? I used to have normal hobbies: jewelry making, sewing, even quilting at one point. Now? Nothing.

5. Not having a boat
I suffer from severe FOMO when I see people post fun pictures of themselves on boats in the summer. This is one of the main reasons that M and I want to buy a boat eventually. So I will have boat FOMO no more!

Do you have FOMO about anything? Do share!!!


  1. I don't really have FOMO about anything. My dog Maisie does and MFD used to but I think he's sort of grown out of it. Some things I just don't get or do, and that's okay! LOL

  2. 1. Cute new layout!
    2. Beer- meh. Give me wine or something else.
    3. Decorate your space your own way. I see things I love on Pinterest, but when I put them in my home, it just doesn’t look right. Style is personal.
    4. Planning, keeps me calm and I’m sure you can relate.
    5. I’ve tried scrapbooking, knitting and other hobbies. I’m just not a hobby person either. I consider spending time with the important people in my life a hobby. And that’s ok.
    6. Boat- yes get one. I don’t have one, but have been blessed to grown up with parents who did and now have friends who do. The water is my haven.

  3. How is reading not a hobby? If you want to network with other readers, join Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/
    or check out book blogs (here's a link to a HUGE book blogger link up http://www.brokeandbookish.com/2014/09/top-ten-underrated-contemporary-ya-books.html ).

  4. I totally get FOMO too. But then I get lazy and just don't care. I should have more FOMO!!

    Thanks for the kind words on my Monday post :) Also I saw the IG widget to the left and thought I spotted you in a Saints jersey, so I clicked on it and it sure is!! Yay! I wore the same one Sunday. Who dat! Instant friends. I'm now stalking you in IG and twitter lol!


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