Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Was Run-nin'

This post is just about all things running/jogging related. Hold on! It's going to be a weird and random ride.

Whenever I talk about running (or more accurately in my case, jogging) I always think of when Forest Gump says "I was running" in the movie.

Last year, I ran my very first 5k race. I didn't do too bad, but this year I'm running the same race again and I really want to beat my time.

Now, in no way would I ever consider myself a real "runner" because I mostly jog and even sometimes walk. I'm not fast...more like the tortoise than the hare. But it's fun. I will say it's more fun in the spring, fall and winter...not so much in summers full of Southern humidity. As a matter of fact, I usually tend not to run a lot in the summer because it's just so dang hot. (I don't have a treadmill so I run outdoors always.) So with the potential for cooler temps on the horizon, I'm embarking on what I call "running season". :)

I've been training for my upcoming 5k using this podcast. I've done Couch to 5k before and was successful with it, but this one is a bit different and the narrator/coach person is British. How could you not love a British running coach?!

One thing that has become apparent is the fact that I need to invest in some new shoes. My current shoes are over a year running years I think that's like 3 or 4 or something. Arent' you supposed to replace them every year or so? Either way, I can usually tell when they are wearing out because my lower back starts to hurt towards the mid-part of my jogging/running sessions. I'm going to stick with the same brand (Asics) but want to try and find some cute ones. Yes, my running shoes must be cute. And I also don't want to spend a billion dollars on them.

GEL-Sendai™ 2
These are some of my all-time favorites...but at $150, they are sadly out of my budget. But look how cute they are?!
GT-2000™ 2
These are very similar to what I have now. They run about $120. (which is still a lot!!)
GEL-Surveyor™ 2
They are pink!! Love these...and they are around $100.
GEL-Excite™ 2
Kind of obsessed with these. And at $70 the price is on point.
I'll probably post whatever I buy on Instagram. So stay tuned if you're interested. After all, everyone knows that a cute shoe can make or break your day. :)


  1. I love sneakers. Good luck finding the perfect ones in your price range!

  2. My favorite part of this post is the title. Let's watch Forrest Gump together soon.


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