Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This May Restore Your Faith in the NFL (& Humanity)

I loved this post that Sarah originally wrote SO much that I reposted on my blog. (with her permission) This story...it just gives you the feels...

In all of the uproar and negative press surrounding the NFL right now, there is a truly heartwarming story that you just have to hear. Many of my die hard sports girls probably have heard this story already, but for those that haven't, here we go...
::Meet Devon Still::
Devon Still is a 2012 second round draft pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. On June 2nd, he found out his 4 year old baby girl Leah was diagnosed with Pediatric Cancer. Leah has been given a 50/50 chance of surviving, and her medical bills could reach $1 million.
In a football move, the Bengals unfortunately had to cut Still from the 53 man roster. But in a non-football move, they made the heart-warming decision to keep Still on the practice squad so he could keep his family's insurance and continue to get paid.
But the Bengals didn't stop there. After spending just one week on the practice squad, the Bengals moved Still back to the 53-man roster and made a very touching, moving announcement to sell Devon Still jerseys, and donate the proceeds to Pediatric Cancer Care and Research.

Help sack cancer with a Devon Still jersey.  Proceeds will go to benefit Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center: http://go.bengals.com/1BpB2fh

Still's jersey sales, in the past 24 hours, are more than any other in Bengals history.

And are you ready for this, guess who bought 100 of them?
Sean Payton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints. If that doesn't just heave at your heartstrings this Tuesday morning, I don't know what will. Bravo, Saints. Bravo, Bengals. If you want to help pledge to "Sack" pediatric cancer, go here. And go Bengals. Geaux Saints. And go Leah. I'm proud to be a Saints fan.


  1. I loved this the first time that I saw it, and I love seeing it again. It's nice to be reminded, in a time where all we see is the bad stuff, that there ARE good people out there

  2. WHODEY all day everyday!

    P.S. I love your new blog design! :)


  3. I think this is a great story, but more of a story about a great business - the Bengals and their owners and management team - and people - the Saints Coach and everyone else participating - than the NFL itself. The NFL itself has a lot to answer for in how it runs its business.


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