Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Holiday Weekend Recap

Hooray for 4-day work weeks. But unhooray for Tuesdays that feel like Mondays. Boo.

I had an awesome long weekend that started with M being gone. He went to visit some family in WV for the weekend (he came back on Sunday) so I decided I would rather spend my alone time doing girly things like watching chick-flicks and crafting. I watched one of my favorite movies "Now and Then" on Friday night and then spent Saturday shopping, crafting, adding to my couponing stockpile and marathon watching "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding".

First - couponing. After watching Extreme Couponers, I decided to venture into the world of couponing. However, I definitely am not operating at the sort of level these people do. I do not have room for a gigantic stockpile of supplies and food nor do I see the need for 497 toothbrushes or bottles of Gatorade for just M and me. Maybe if I had kids...I could justify having so much of one thing on hand but for now, I'll stick to having two or three of things. This weekend I made out pretty well. I went to three different stores and saved almost $140 using coupons and store loyalty card discounts. A particularly fun one was a trip to Family Dollar where my original cost was $16 and some change and my cost after coupons was $7. Yay! So, I'm really digging the organizational part of it...as evidenced by my couponing book...

I got the book (and it came with the inserts) from Amazon here. So far, I love it! The above picture is my little "stockpile" I've acquired over the last week or two.

I also tried my hand at a fall floral wreath for our door. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It looks a little more like a pomander than a wreath so I may fill in the middle to make it look like that instead. For my first attempt, I'm satisfied but the perfectionist part of me wanted something that looked like a professional did it on the first try. I'm learning to cope with that. HAHA.

Sunday, I served communion at one of our church services. After that, I pretty much laid low for most of the afternoon until I ventured out in the evening with my best friend Amie and her precious baby E. We were going to watch a baseball game uptown in our city's triple A baseball stadium but the game was sold out. So, instead we walked around a brand new park/garden area uptown, took some photos and then went to Pinky's for dinner.

Pinky's is an amazing restaurant located just west of uptown Charlotte and they have awesome food. My best friend's brother-in-law owns the place so...she's a regular. We all love going because the food is unique and delicious. This time, I got my normal fried bologna sandwich but I also tried their Pimp'n Fries which are waffle fries with pimento cheese and homemade chili. They were AMAZING! Seriously, I will be getting them from now on. I didn't take any pics of the food because it disappeared so quickly. HA!

Baby E! She's seriously the best baby. I hope that if I ever have kids, my babies are as good as she is. She's so cute!
Monday, I made pulled pork BBQ sandwiches and sides for my mom and sister to come over for dinner. M brought back some corn from his uncle's farm and we had fresh corn on the cob with the BBQ sandwiches. Yum!! Again, no pics. I'm way to focused on food to worry about taking pictures. :)
But we did go by the grocery store earlier and pick up these gorgeous flowers...

And then throughout the weekend there were cute Hewitt moments. Like this one...when he decided to make the couch throw pillow his personal head pillow. He has no shame.

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend as well. Did you do anything fun?


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend. I'd love to use coupons more, but I always forget about them until they are expired. Maybe if I was more organized with it, I'd do better

  2. That's typically how I spend my Labor Day - a good mix of social, hibernating, and productive. And taking photos of dogs, of course. This year we traveled, which was also fun.

    Great job on the wreath!

    I wish I remembered coupons more.


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