Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adorable Christmas PJs

Whether you say puh-JOHM-uhs or puh-JAM-uhs, getting and receiving these at Christmas seems to be the norm. I know a lot of families that give pajamas as a gift every single year. I usually always manage to get some form of pajamas (by the way, I pronounce it like puh-JOHM-uhs) when the Christmas holiday rolls around.

Luckily, retailers understand the necessity of a good pair of Christmas pjs and have started carrying some of the most adorable prints for adult and kid alike! Some of my favorites are below.

Holiday Stripe Pajamas for the Whole Family
Here are some matching pjs for the whole family (cat and dog included!) if you're into that kind of thing. Shop
These little girl pjs are so cute!!

Y'all know I'm a flamingo fan. So flamingos with ear muffs and leg warmer pajamas? YES!!
For your man. Everyone needs some Christmas Vacation pajamas.

As Michael Scott would say, these are for "Classy Christmas".

I love this nordic/fair isle pattern look! I wish they made these in adult sizes. :)
 Does your family give Christmas pajamas?


  1. hahahaha these are fab! Love them--especially that first set!

  2. I so want to do matching pa-JOHM-ahs but MFD has drawn the line on this.

  3. the last is fab
    i want one of these pjs


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