Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Songs I Loathe

I love Christmas music...I really do. One might even say I'm a bit obsessed with it.

However, there are some Christmas songs that just need to stop. Either they annoy me, infuriate me or make me sad...and no one wants to be any of those things at Christmas. Below are some of the Christmas songs I loathe.

1. Merry Christmas Darling
Vom. I'm already not a huge fan of Karen Carpenter's voice...but this song is just melancholy and boring and monotonous. There's no build-up or song dynamics. I always change the radio station when I hear this song play. And the radio stations seem to think this is one to play A LOT. :(

2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Pretty much any version of this song is sad to me, but Frank Sinatra's is the saddest. Not sure why, but this song is just depressing.

3. Happy Xmas (War is Over)
I'm not anti-Beatles or anti-peace. This one just annoys me. The same melody and rhythm over and over again can really grate on your nerves.

4. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
I don't loathe this song as much as I loathe a particular version of it. Which one? The Bruce Springsteen one. I know it's live but his voice is just awful in this.

5. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
Ugh, just stop. This one shouldn't be considered a Christmas song anyway.

6. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
This one infuriates me and annoys me. Double whammy.

What Christmas songs would you be happy to never hear again?


  1. hahaha! I love the Bruce one, and I love Karen Carpenter too.

    I hate the Grandma/Reindeer song and the Christmas Shoes song.

  2. I think the worst Christmas song ever is Baby It's Cold Outside. I used to love it until I got old enough to understand how....assaulty it was?

  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is supposed to be a sad song. It's originally from a FABulous musical called Meet Me in St. Louis. Judy Garland sings it to her little sister in the film, and they're both crying the whole time, because it's their last Christmas before they move away. Judy actually requested the lyrics be changed because they were even MORE depressing (Have yourself a merry little Christmas, it may be your last).

  4. haven't heard my rendition of Karen Carpenter song......I think you might change your mind if you did. Xoxox sis


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