Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Grown Up Christmas List

First off, I know the title of my blog is a sub-par Michael Buble song, however, it very accurately describes what I give to my loved ones around the start of November each year.

In case you haven't picked up on it yet from reading my blog, I try to be very organized and I'm a big planner. I play by the rules (always) and definitely consider myself more Type A than anything else. (I think most of that explanation was a nice way of saying that I'm a control freak.) But I also know what it's like to have no clue what to get someone for Christmas. So every year since I was about...maybe 20 or so...I've given my parents a visual (and often virtual) Christmas list.

Now, I always list a lot of gift options they can choose from so there is an element of surprise...but it's a controlled surprise. (a Type A's favorite phrase) I usually always put my Christmas list in PowerPoint so that I can provide sizes, colors and links to buy, if necessary. I've caught a lot of flack over the years from friends and family when they find out that I make PowerPoint presentations for my family for my Christmas list.

I get that this seems very materialistic and greedy, but really, it's just me trying to make the most efficient use of your time and money...because you know exactly what to get me and it's exactly what I want. There's a weird feeling that you have to get over when you make a Christmas list and that is feeling guilty and greedy. The thing is...unless you have a "no gifts" family, they are going to get you presents...so why not ask for things you really want or need?

Have I received gifts that weren't on the list? Absolutely. Have I loved any of these non-list gifts? Absolutely. Have some been weird gifts? Absolutely. My family will never only get me exactly everything on the list...there are always a few wild cards thrown in there and that's okay. Bottom line, I try to make things easier for others by giving them ideas.

Do you make a Christmas wish list? How do you do it?


  1. I think as we get older, the list makes it a little less fun, but it's practical. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what someone wants, and what size, etc. My husband for our first Christmas got me this awesome coat that I had wanted, but he got the wrong size and by the time I got it, they didn't have my size left, so I couldnt keep the coat. You're doing yourself a favor in the end by putting the sizes, colors etc on there. It helps!!

  2. LOLOL @ the controlled surprise. SO ME.

    My step mom always asks for a list and I give her one.

  3. PPT, brilliant. I always get flack from my family as sending out a link to my amazon wish list right after thanksgiving. I like to think I'm efficient. What's on your list this year?


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