Friday, December 12, 2014

Splurge vs. Steal: Holiday Look

I've been kind of in a one-sided love affair with leather(ish) leggings. It's one-sided because I realize that leather pants (or really leather anything on the bottom half of me) doesn't love me back. But that's okay, I can admire from afar, right?

One of these outfits costs around $1570 and the other around $180. Can you guess which is the "splurge" and which is the "steal"?

If you guessed that the steal was the one on the're correct!

I love this look for a holiday party or get-together...or even just a nice dinner. The leggings with same colored pointy-toed shoes elongate the legs and the fun sequin tank and bright blazer add a touch of festive color.

How'd you do? Did you guess correctly?

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