Monday, January 26, 2015

You Can't Keep a Good B and Her Fruit Basket Down

Grab your binky and gather on the carpet squares because it is story time.

January 2014
I saw this amazing fruit basket whilst registering for my wedding at Target. Because I've never owned a fruit basket before, I figured I'd fancify my life by registering for one.

March 2014
I had my one and only bridal shower. I didn't get the fruit basket. It's okay, because we still had the wedding to go to.

April 2014
We got married and we didn't get the fruit basket as a wedding gift.

November 2014
Since I didn't get it for my wedding, I figured I'd put it on my Christmas list to my parents. I put the fruit basket along with a cake stand from my wedding on there.

December 2014
Christmas came. I got the cake stand...but no fruit basket.

January 2015 (in bullet points)
  • For my birthday, I asked my dad to get me the fruit basket.
  • My dad goes to 2 Targets in an attempt to track down the basket. He finds one "floor model" at a Target but it's bent. They don't have any in stock.
  • Dad decides to get me a gift card to Target with which to buy said fruit basket.
  • I attempt to purchase the fruit basket online since it wasn't available at any nearby stores.
  • While going through the online purchase process, inventory for the fruit basket kept showing zero and then that it was only available for store pickup.
  • When I attempted to put in my zip code to find a store for pickup, the Target site kept having errors.
  • I finally went through the order process on my phone and it worked.
  • I went to pick up the fruit basket on Saturday and when I walked up to customer service she couldn't find it. After a bit of looking, we determined that for whatever reason it showed up under my maiden name and not my married name.
January 24, 2015
The fruit basket is now in my possession and is stocked with produce. It sits proudly on my kitchen countertop. The moral of the story, as my friend Luis says, "You can't keep a good b and her fruit basket down."


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