Friday, January 16, 2015

Reflections on Turning 30

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I'm turning 30 on Sunday.

30. Yes, 3-0. THIRTY! Part of me honestly can't really believe it. I think of myself as perpetually 25ish, even though I have an old soul. I figured I'd spend the better part of this post reflecting on some of the things I've experienced or some major milestones in my [almost] 30 years on this planet.

1. Being born. (it is kind of a big deal)
2. Having not one, but TWO My Little Pony birthday cakes.
3. Surviving a Category 5 hurricane and the 2 weeks of no power afterwards.
4. Having my photo on a billboard. (17 years old)
5. Travel highlights: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Colorado, Texas.
6. Packing up and moving to a completely different city by myself.
7. Moving back to the city I call home.
8. Going camping and actually enjoying it.
9. Traveling to my first international destination. (Jamaica)
10. Getting married. (And meeting the most amazing man TO marry...of course.)
11. Being diagnosed with the first case of Lyme Disease in the Southeast in like 30 years. (5 years old)
12. Discovering my love for owls, flamingos, sea lions and miniature animals.
13. Being crowned with the following titles: Military Ball Queen, Military Ball Princess and 1st Runner Up in the Carrousel Pageant. (Ages 16-18)
14. Advancing to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in JROTC and LOVING IT.
15. Trying many things once (and never again): deep-sea fishing, asparagus, roller skating birthday parties, wasabi, etc.
16. Being a redhead, brunette and blonde.
17. Settled into a career in marketing/PR/communications.
18. Learned to play guitar and keyboard
19. Made income doing the following things in addition to my regular jobs: theatrical lighting and stage design consultation, singing at weddings and funerals, photography, marketing consulting, dog sitting/walking, pageant coaching (poor girls) and organizing people's closets. :)
20. Accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior (age 13).
21. Adopted the weirdest, yet most precious puppy ever. (Hewitt)
22. Never owning a normal "sedan" car. I've had a stationwagon, 2-door hatchbook and an SUV.
23. Developed a [what I anticipate to be] life-long love for cardigans and statement necklaces.
24. Trying and liking the following foods: greek yogurt, spaghetti squash, zucchini and yellow squash
25. Owned a fish named Puppy that lived for 5 years. I also owned a fish named Leon who lived for 5 days. He committed fishicide.
26. Discovered I am allergic to feathers...which explains my great mistrust for birds that fly.
27. Ran 2 5k races.
28. Developed life-long friendships.
29. Learned that I favor cool, airy, light colors over dark and warm tones.
30. Learned to embrace the things I'm good at or have a knack for and let others do what they are good at. I don't need to master everything and be good at all things. Each one has their own special gifts and talents.

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