Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Goals

The lovely and hilarious Steph posted about her spring goals today on her blog, so I'm considering this a blessing from the gods of creativity and using it as a springboard for my own blog post today.

With it being the first day of spring or the "vernal equinox" if you will, it's important for me to set a few seasonal goals that I can achieve before spring is over.

Spring Goals:

1. Organize and clean out the laundry room. (Well the sock and towel graveyard that is currently situated in my laundry room.)
2. Hang our anniversary wreath on the door.
3. Perfect a recipe for healthy strawberry jam using my Memaw Pat's recipe.
4. Try another new vegetable. (I'm leaning towards parsnips...anyone have a good recipe?)
5. Try another way to cook a vegetable. (Leaning towards cauliflower mash...)
6. Go to the local farmers market for said vegetables.
7. Save more $$ for our house buying venture this summer.
8. Go to 2 of my local museums. I'm thinking this one and this one.
9. Go to the SC Strawberry Festival. I've never been!
10. Have a picnic at our favorite park.

What are your goals?


  1. Strawberry festival?? That sounds awesome!
    Looks like a great list!! :)

  2. I just roast parsnips. I also puree them and make mashed parsnips and potatoes (using less potatoes). I like them a lot.

    I cannot wait for the return of the Farmer's Market!!!

    Great list. If you get the jam going, I hope you post a recipe.

  3. Summer house? Fun!!

    I don't think I've ever had a parsnip...


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