Thursday, March 19, 2015

Warm Weather Foot Care PSA

Ladies and gentlemen, (yes guys, y'all are not at ALL excluded by today's PSA/blog post) warmer weather is upon us. (well, for most of the country, at least) Tomorrow is first day of spring and soon we will start to bare our little piggies for rest of the world.

Here's my PSA for the season: get those feet looking decent BEFORE you bare them.

27 ways to look better naked: Get a nude pedicure

As you start to wear flip flops, sandals, mandals and go barefoot, it's very important you put your best foot forward. (pun intended) Why? Because 1) no one wants to see your nasty, gross feet and 2) I will judge you. (really, the second is enough reason to do something about it...right? HA!) It's time to haul out the foot bath, clippers, polish, top coat/UV coat, lotion and pumice stone and start working on those layers of skin that have built up all winter.

Ladies, some of your get pedicures all winter long. (four for you) Some of you resort to doing it yourself because you don't like people touching your Some of you let the wild thing takeover in the winter because you shove your feet in snow boots until from October to April.

Whichever you are, when you let the piggies fly, make sure they look their best. Any healthcare professional will tell you that taking care of your feet is very important to your overall body health. By spending a couple of dollars (the equivalent of 3-4 Starbucks coffee drinks) to have someone exfoliate the dead skin, clean up your cuticles and to cut/shape and polish your nails is worth it. Even if you aren't a polish girl, you should still consider a UV clear coat as the summer rolls around to prevent the sun from discoloring your nails.

Men, most of you probably don't care about your feet...though there are some that go as far as getting a pedicure on the regular. You don't have to get your nails polished, but it's also important to have someone clean, trim and shape your nails to reduce the risk of ingrown toenails and other toe issues. It's also nice to have someone exfoliate your feet so that your feet don't rub off the finish on your hardwood floors. ;)

No matter which route you choose: professional foot grooming assistance or DIY...there are few things you'll want to avoid come foot-flash season.

1. Overgrown or too-long toenails.
This is one of my pet-peeves. Clip them and keep them clipped. The end.

2. Polish is all or nothing.
If you're going to do polish, do not let it sit on your feet half chipped off. Once it starts to grow out or chip off, either touch it up/repaint or remove completely.

3. Dry heels.
A little lotion at night goes a long way, believe. Thicker lotion on your heels with some cotton socks on at night will REALLY help. There are lots of DIY treatments for dry heels that work. Check out this one, this one and this one.

4. Toe rings. 
Why are these still a thing? WHYYYYYY?

5. Toe hair. 
Shave that mess off. They even make little handy shavers just for the tootsies. Okay?

What are your issues/peeves with feet in the summer?

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  1. Agree on all points! Can't wait till it's really warm enough to bare the tootsies!
    Love, SMD's Momma


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