Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Show Us Your Books: What I Read in February

I have a bad tendency to start a lot of books and then I get bored with them and don't finish OR I finish them and don't like them. Oh well. So, I'll spare you the total duds and review the ones I thought were noteworthy.

Life According to Steph

I really liked the plot of this book. I tend to guess the killers right away but I didn't in this one. Any book that deals with an old mental institution is one I'm a fan of. (I can't help it!) Also, this books sheds some interesting insight into the world of the wealthy and how "The Haves" have just as many problems as the "The Have Nots". Even though this is fiction, I kept thinking it might have been based on a true story. I definitely recommend this one! 

This is not a book about fairytale things...contrary to what the title may insinuate. It's a book about a damaged girl who gets noticed by a famous actor. It's also not AT ALL similar in plot to 50 Shades...even though it sounds like it. The plot was surprisingly good and had a lot of depth. The character development was good. I thought the main character Chloe was a bit moody but she is very strong-willed and courageous. Lots of interesting plot twists. It took me a long time to get through this one but I still enjoyed it. 


  1. I have The Forgotten Girls on my Kindle now. I will have to get it read soon!

  2. The Forgotten Girls sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out!

  3. Adding The Forgotten Girls to my list, and I'll check the other one out too!

  4. The Forgotten Girls sounds interesting!

  5. The Forgotten Girls sounds really good, adding to my list.


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