Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Uses for Beer (Besides Drinking It)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, friends! It's one of my favorite holidays...why? Well, because it's a day when we actually embrace and not shun those with pale skin and freckles....AND I look good in green. HEH.

But there's a slight downside to the customary St. Paddy's Day celebrations from my point of view. It has a lot to do with beer...and I don't drink beer. I just can't get behind the taste...and I've tried a lot of different kinds. I don't like it. And since St. Patrick's Day has evolved into a pretty big beer-drinking holiday, I figured I'd come up with a list of things you can do with beer BESIDES drink it for those of you who don't enjoy the taste of it either.

5 Uses for Beer (Besides Drinking It)

1. As a rinse for your hair.
Beer is great for really cleaning your hair and removing a lot of product build up. Simply pour a can or bottle on your freshly-washed hair in the shower and then rinse off thoroughly...lest you smell like you partied a little too hard the night before.

2. As a slug trap:
Pour a can of beer in a small plate or dish (or in my family's case...as disposable pie plate) and place it out in your garden where you have slugs. In the morning you'll find some dead slugs and your slug problem will be gone. Just make sure you get rid of the slug trap before you let your dog out to do his business...this will spare you from seeing your dog slurping up leftover beer and coming inside with half a slug hanging from his mouth. Just saying.

3. As a gold jewelry cleaner:
Pour some in a dish and soak your jewelry. After it has soaked, rinse and dry thoroughly. Your jewels will sparkle like new!!

4. As a foot soak:
Pour half a bottle of beer in a container of warm water. Soak your feet for about 10 minutes and then remove and cover with lotion. Your feet will be soft!!

5. To cook and bake with:
Beer is wonderful as a meat tenderizer, a marinade, a broth or liquid that can be added to cheese dips, soups and stews. Beer is also excellent for baking and can be used in cakes, brownies, breads and more!

In what ways do you use beer? Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

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