Monday, March 2, 2015

Over the Weekend

The older I get, the more my weekends tend to be...well...a bit boring. Highlights move from parties and social events to coupon deals at the grocery store and errands. Oh well...that's the joy of being a grow up, right?

Hewitt (finally) went to the groomer this weekend. He got a haircut and bath and acts like he feels so much better. But  we do have to keep him wrapped up a bit around the house because the poor thing shivers. 

I got a Vegetti vegetable peeler at WalMart and tried it out this weekend with a bolognese sauce. It was really good! (I used zucchini this time.) I'm excited to try it on other vegetables soon!

I'm really loving this workout/strength training challenge for March. Would you join in?

Hewitt finally decided to snuggle with Cyrus, our sea lion pillow. #buddies What did you do over the weekend?

Don't forget to join me on Thursday for the Dream Job Link-up Party! I really hope to see you!! 

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