Friday, February 27, 2015

My Dream Job - Join Me for a Linkup Party!

All of us have dream know, those jobs that we probably could never actually have or wouldn't qualify for...but that we think would be the most amazing thing since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Maybe your dream job is your current job? Maybe you love your job you are currently working in but have always thought you'd be excellent at something else in case your current job status changes? Or maybe, you had a childhood dream to be something...even something imaginary like a princess or a My Little Pony...or is that just me?

I'd love for you to stretch out your blogging fingers and join me on Thursday, March 5th to blog about your dream job. It can be your actual job, your imaginary "for fun even though it wouldn't pay the bills" job or even something that you've just always wanted to do.

Would you blog about your dream job and link up with me on Thursday? Spread the word and share it with your bloggy friends. I'd love to read about everyone's dream will be so much fun to see how creative and interesting all of the posts are.

Will you join me? Pretty please with sprinkles and cherries and hot fudge?


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