Friday, February 20, 2015

Catbearding (& Dogbearding Too!)

So - I've been a bit quiet this week. I've been super busy at work and we've had bad weather (read: ice storm and really cold temps). Now, bad weather should really have no connection to whether or not I've blogged...but apparently it does. So, go with it. :)

Today I'm going to introduce you to something that is literally going to blow your mind. It may make you might make you guffaw...or it may make you shake your head because it is so ridiculous. I hope you've not heard of it before because I'm about to introduce to one of the wonderful ingenuities of the human kind that has resulted from a combination of modern technology and pets.

Ladies and gentlemen...I present...CATBEARDING.

390945_457162017708967_2034712995_n.jpg (347×960) #cat
What is catbearding? It's exactly as it sounds. Cat heads as beards on human faces. And it is EPIC. Though I'm not a huge fan of cats, I am a fan of catbearding. Unfortunately, my feline allergies are so bad that if I were to actually pose for a catbearding photo, I would probably soon die from feline allergen exposure.
Luckily for me (and you) dog owners have responded to catbearding guessed it...dogbearding. You're welcome and happy Friday!
DOG BEARDS! (Image from thematapicture)


  1. How did you not include a Hewitt dog beard of yourself????

  2. Anddd I'm going home to do this tonight.


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