Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammy Fashion: Best and Worst Dressed

Last night's Grammy Awards had some great musical collaborations (which I totally love) and some great fashion. There was a lot of cleavage (some good and some gross) and lots of cut-outs (some tasteful...some not). Below are my picks for Best and Worst dressed. Photos via.

Taylor Swift
She TOTALLY rocked this look. I'm obsessed with the color, the subtle ombre in the middle and the pop of the magenta shoes. LOVE! Cut-out verdict: subtle shoulder ones, yes!

Iggy Azalea
I loved this color and the fit of the dress. I'm not crazy about her hair but this entire look really gives her an exotic flair. Cut-out verdict: tasteful shoulder and ankle ones, yes!
Meghan Trainor, Grammy Awards
Meghan Trainor
While I'm not a huge fan of the goth look, I thought this dress was interesting and cool and still new. ('s not something we've seen before in this exact look) Meghan makes me proud to be pale because this dress looks awesome with her pale skin and hair!

Gwen Stefani
I loved this look. As a veteran of the Grammy's I like that she didn't try to steal the show but kept it classy and cool. Her nude lip and makeup are stunning and I'm totally digging that interesting top. Cut-out verdict: the grid-like cut-outs in the top are cool and keep the outfit fun, yes!
Rocsi Diaz
I don't even know who this is...but I'm digging her sparkly champagne colored dress.
Kat Graham
I loved this dress! It was interesting and tasteful and cool. Cut-out verdict: yes!

Ariana Grande - loved the look but if this girl wears her hair in that same hairstyle again I will drive to LA and do it for her. I'm over the sassy high pony or sassy high some-up and some-down style. How about all down??
Beyonce - I wanted MORE! Maybe a brighter color? I was just kind of bored.
Miranda Lambert - I loved the dress but it kind of looked like she had on a pink bathing suit under a black dress. Also, I needed less of a beachy wave hair look.

Jane Fonda
This was just bad. Like bad 70s disco workout video, bad. Coincidence?
Kim Kardashian
This looks like a bedazzled robe. It's too reminiscent of the J-Lo dress from back in the day and her chest area is freakishly
Jenny Lewis
It's John Lennon (circa Yellow Submarine) meets the Bee Gees meets Rainbow Brite. It's a NO.
Charlie XCX, Grammy Awards
Charli XCX
Someone stole a white rabbit costume from a theater's production of Alice in Wonderland. And added their dress-up Barbie heels.
Sigh. I'm just over her. This looks ridiculous and I wish she would just go all-out glam for one of these awards shows. This looks like a matador and Marie Antoinette costume mash up.
What were some of your favorites?


  1. I am not a TSwift fan but she looked amazing. Best of the night.

  2. taylor swift for me was the best dresses..

  3. Taylor was stunning! I agree with your worst dressed list!
    I did not like Rihanna's dress either.

  4. I loved Gwen's look! Almost the best for its simplicity & difference.

    Madonna looked dumb as usual but I (clearly) don't like her too much to begin with. :)

  5. Gwen reigned surpreme for me. I thought Katy Perry's dress was the perfect fit and blend of sheer & sparkly.

  6. Madonna was trashed on the red carpet which added to her ridiculous look. She could barely hold her eyes open


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