Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Judge You...

I am a judgmental person. I cannot escape it and it is ingrained into my personality. There are certain words, actions and images that instantly cause me to judge someone. Is it wrong? Of course. Can I stop doing it? Not really. So, be forewarned...I judge you...

...if you are an adult and you flip off the camera when someone is taking your photo.
If you are no longer a teenager (i.e., 19 or older) you shouldn't be flipping off the camera. I mean, you don't want photographic evidence of you in a moment of anger or frustration. And definitely do not post it to social media.

...if you call using e-cigarettes "vaping".
Dead. Still not sure how you can vape and it not interfere with your handlebar mustache or lip ring...but I digress.

...if you post very personal information on social media.
Facebook is not the place to air your dirty laundry. I'll repeat, Facebook is not the place to air your dirty laundry. Also, posting vague statuses that get people to ask you questions and hound you for updates? Dead.

...if you call bubbly water "seltzer water".
It's called club soda, okay? The only exception is people in food service...because they have to use seltzer water, I'm sure.

...if you are an adult and you STILL use "your" instead of "you're".
It's very simple to differentiate. Can you say "you are" in the sentence? If "you are" works, use "you're".
Example: You are my favorite. You're my favorite. {correct!}
Example: I love your shirt. (you can't say "you are" here...I love you are shirt.)

...if you enjoy listening to Clownye West for his musical abilities and his "artistic talent".
I call bull poop on that. Clownye is nothing but an attention-seeking jerk. Also, all you big ol' Beatles fans...what say you about Sir Paul with Clownye? Yeah...that's what I'm thinking too. He must be going senile.

...if you think Clownye is funny or correct in his antics and wild thinking.
Enough said. Or I guess I could correct this to say that if you don't think Clownye is an arrogant, attention-seeking jerk, I judge you.

What do you judge other people for?


  1. LOL, I think club soda/seltzer is a regional thing. In NY, it's definitely seltzer. Here it's soda water or club soda.

    I hate when people rant about the stupidity of others on facebook and their post is savaged by grammatical errors. It makes me laugh and also shake my head.

    I cannot believe the crap people put out there for the world to read.

  2. The overly personal stuff on facebook where you want someone to feel sorry for you and tell you how wonderful you are?! That stuff is beyond terrible. But, I just cruise on by that status and ignore it.

    Also, the facebookers that post political stuff every other day. Or five times a day. I don't mind the occasional post if you feel strongly about a topic or issue. Fine; share your opinion. But, every single day (or five times a day) is too much for me. Again, I scroll by and ignore.


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