Thursday, February 5, 2015

On the Hunt: Marsala Lipsticks

I posted yesterday about Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year - Marsala.

While I'm not the most excited person in the world to wear that color in my clothing, I am absolutely obsessed with finding a lipstick in a Marsala-like shade. This color is very versatile and there are a lot of Marala-looking lipstick shades out there. The key is get one with the correct undertone for your skin tone. (more on that here)

While I've not tried any of these yet, this list will help me know what to look for when I make my next trip to Ulta. :) Then I'll test in the store to make sure it looks okay on my skin.


  1. HI dear, i like this color..

  2. I've decided that when I turn thirty I should start wearing lipstick. I've seen pictures of myself lately where I seem to have no lips. It's not cute.

    Perhaps you can help me pick a shade. Here's what I've decided... nothing too bright, too dark or too pink.

    What's left?


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