Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Insta-Outfits v.3

Here are the latest and greatest outfit posts from my Instagram page [thestripedflamingo]. Someday I'll get back to doing it with an actual camera...this is just so much easier. Sigh...

I'm obsessed with this vest. I wear it all the time. How I wish I'd bought it in more colors!

I was loving the jewel tones for this day and how even my nail polish matched my scarf!

This was my Valentine's Day (or the Friday before) look. I ended up sort of matching the carpet. Weird!

I have no idea why this blue looks so crazy vibrant in the's like a cobalty blue. I was totally loving this color combination though.

Some of my absolute favorite colors together. I'm not normally a huge patterned cardigan person but I happened to wear 2 in one week. How crazy is that?!

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