Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Dream Job

My dream job is one that I've mentioned before and the older I get the fantasy of this being my job has never diminished. 

My dream job is...

A Namer

What is a namer, you may ask? It's simply a person who gets paid to name things: streets, cosmetics, zoo animals, paint colors, fragrances, neighborhoods, board/video games, etc. If it needs a name, I want to be the naming consultant. 

All of my life, I've enjoyed naming things. My mom says that from a very young age I gave other names to normal things like washcloths. So weird. I've always loved to name things. I've named my computers, my cars, my pets...even the names of the animals on my desk calendar (which is different pictures of baby goats).

This is one of those imaginary jobs that probably doesn't exist in real life. But if I could create a job as a naming consultant, I would totally do that. The idea of theme names in neighborhood or for new cosmetic lines fills me with inspiration and when they don't have good irritates me to no end. If I were a naming consultant I could make a living being creative and logical (taking things into account like local history and topography for neighborhood naming, for example). This job would require research (which I also love doing) it's really a great fit for my personality as well.

That's my dream job. What's yours?? Link up below! (Link party will be open until next Wednesday!!)


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